We’re making a splash!

This Saturday (31 March), we’re heading to Ponds Forge in Sheffield to attempt ‘The Big Splash!’ Part of our Challenge 2012 campaign, our task will be to jump off the highest diving board that we dare – up to a terrifying 10 metres!

Find out more on The Big Splash! mission page, including how to make a donation.

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Come see us at the Education Show!

We’re showcasing Mission:Explore at the Education Show this week. Mission:Explore is a social gaming platform that takes education (and children) out of the classroom and into the wider world.

Iain and Dan made their way to the NEC in Birmingham yesterday and talked to all manner of interesting people about the platform. In particular, we’re focusing on our new Private Groups, which give teachers, schools and other educational folk a secure space on Mission:Explore that’s just for them and their pupils.

If you’re heading to the Education Show, make sure you pop over to stand K52 and say hello. We’re there today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), and we’d be more than happy to speak to you about the platform and what it can do. You can also read more about Mission:Explore here on our website.

Accessible video player

What can the player do?
Our player offers: keyboard access, shortcut keys, screen reader access, styled captions, audio description support, user-defined text size and user-defined text colour and contrast.

What file types does the player work with?
FLV, MP4 and MP3.

Does the player support RTMP streaming?
Not yet, we hope to add this feature soon.

Is there an HTML5 version of the player?
Not yet, but it does include a HTML5 fallback version for platforms/browsers that don’t support Flash. The fallback version does not have the accessibility features of the Flash version. We intend to create a truly accessible HTML5 player when the technology allows.

What browsers is the player accessible in?
All features work fully in Internet Explorer (IE), the only current browser that supports screen readers and Flash together. Keyboard accessibility works fully in IE and Firefox, but other browsers don’t let the user tab from the page to the player and out again. In Chrome and Safari, the user needs to first click on the player with the mouse to use keyboard controls.

Has the player been tested?
We worked with Shaw Trust to test our player using SuperNova, ZoomText, JAWS and Dragon Naturally Speaking. It’s been tested by switch access and keyboard-only users, people with readability issues, and by users who are deaf/hard of hearing, or who have learning difficulties.

What is the video player license?
The Accessible Video Player by The Workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Note: There is an issue with Chrome and the latest Flash player (11.2). We will release an update soon.