Create sites go live

In April we told you about some of the work we’ve been doing recently for Create, an award-winning social enterprise that gets people on the margins of society trained and back into work.

Since then we’ve been busy on a range of further projects, not least the second of two new Create websites. The first site showcases their food offer and is designed to attract customers and generate business. The second site went live last week and focuses on the social side of Create, providing a full rundown of what they do, who they help and how they run their Academy.

At the same time, we also produced a promotional video as part of a presentation by Create’s Chairman, Norman Pickavance, and Deputy Chairman, Gary Stott, at the recent IGD conference. The idea was to show how Create helps people make real changes to the way they live and gives them not just confidence and skills, but a career too.

You can watch the video in the player above or over on our Vimeo channel. You can also see an edited version on the new Create Foundation homepage.