BBC Bitesize: KS2 Science

Bringing alien concepts to life

We designed, produced content for and built a suite of 25 online learning games featuring three flagship CBBC brands – Deadly 60, MI High and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Aimed at junior school audiences, the games combined curriculum elements from biology, chemistry and physics with narrative concepts true to the story arcs and brand values of each CBBC show.

Weird science

‘Changing state’ got users to help Deadly 60’s Steve Backshall find safe drinking water in the Arctic, MI High spy challenge ‘Forces’, had them apply their knowledge of drag, balanced forces and gravity to defeat the Boldovian gymnastic team’s evil bomb plot, and Sarah Jane’s ‘Teeth and Eating’ saw users saving the day by analysing the teeth and diet of a Judoon guard.

Choices, choices

All of the games ask users to test hypotheses and make informed choices each step of the way on the hunt for facts, results and solutions. The games form part of BBC Bitesize, one of the BBC’s most successful online brands, used by three-quarters of secondary students and half of those in primary schools.