Queens, tarts and cupcakes

Last month we made a big splash as part of our Challenge 2012 campaign. This month we’re doing something slightly less terrifying. With the Diamond Jubilee approaching, we’re donning our aprons for a royal bake off. We’re going to be Queen for a Day.

Every day leading up to the (real) Queen’s Jubilee weekend, two ‘Queens’ from The Workshop will bake a cake, tarts, or scones – wherever their talent lies – and sell them for £1 each. The money raised will be added to our overall Challenge 2012 fund to support our two young Olympic hopefuls at Sheffield Diving Club.

Find out more on the Queen for a Day mission page, including how to make a donation. To see who’s been Queen for a Day so far, and to see more of us wearing funny hats, head to our team page.