Time-inspired design from Nick Munro

Nick Munro has become synonymous with original, modern British design. His beautiful new range of watches is called 12:19 and is inspired by the accuracy and elegance of the Japanese station clock. Nick asked us to design the packaging for each precision-made piece.

Drawing on Nick’s influences, we used sleek black and white photography, overlaid with a 24-hour-clock texture. Marking a subtle departure from Nick Munro’s characteristic monochrome, we also introduced a splash of bright colour to the outside of the packaging. The name 12:19 (the time on the clock when the idea for his watches struck) and the securing tag are in the same colour as the watch face. Inside the box, we’ve included a high-quality insert to reveal the inspiration behind the collection.

12:19 will be available soon at retailers including John Lewis. We’re also working with Nick on another exciting new project, so keep an eye out for that too.