The Workshop

The Workshop is an educational technology consultancy that has over 25 year’s experience of developing learning content for users of all ages. We love what we do, we want to make a difference and we want to work with organisations that share our values.

Playful explorations
When we design for children we work with academics who have a deep understanding of their domain, put children at the centre of their research and understand that learning takes place when children can explore and play. Exploration gives the user creative agency, and play creates a state of mind that is free and open and unconstrained. So, we enable exploration and add playfulness wherever we can.

Exploration + playfulness = maybe!

It’s also important to us that the things we produce are brave, inclusive and kind, so these values are always in the equation.
Next, we start to think about the technology, but for us, AR is more likely to mean Actual Reality, rather than Augmented Reality, though we’re more than happy to mix both together. We’re agnostic about the software, but passionate about the context. The best tech to kid ratio is 10:90.

Serious work
When we develop content for adult learners we work with a similar set of ideas and principles. We take the learner on a journey from the familiar, to the unknown and on to development of their own new ideas. We’re serious about delivering value through the learning experience, to the organisation, as well as to the learner. This has resulted in the development of new content models that support social, constructive learning approaches that identify organisational outcomes as well as learner centred learning outcomes.

Engaging the audience
Once we’ve worked out the what, we work out the how. Sometimes it’s all about the brand and other times it’s all about the channel. We’re equally comfortable working in a small local community, as we are preparing a global launch in 47 countries.

Let’s work together
We can develop the whole platform, create a simple game, write a learning strategy or spend an hour chatting through your ideas. Over the years we’ve also entered into joint ventures and invested in products where we take a share of revenue.

We’d love to work with you, so please contact us and say hello:
+44 208 123 2822